Tuesday, April 29, 2014

bottle toppers pt 5 fini

Finally I have finished the second bottle topper, not only painted but also the finished protective coat has been applied. The bottle toppers will be the first two of a series of "night cap" bottle toppers. You can also see the two toppers on my Etsy store front.

These were both carved from the same rough-out and I will use the same rough-out in the future, they are of quality bass wood and shipped in a timely fashion but as always I will make efforts to design and rough cut my own. This way I can be creative in the design of the bottle toppers. Until then I will continue to buy the rough-outs. For those interested in trying your hand at carving a bottle topper go to Mark Akers page, you will be happy with the product just as I have been.

as always happy trails 
Carpe diem carving