Sunday, March 26, 2017

water color experiment

There is an opportunity for me in the not so distant future to do some illustration work, designing some characters with the finished product being done in water color. I didn't use to do my cartoons in water color but once I got started I got addicted to how they looked all painted up. It may just be me but the way I cartoon and then paint them seems to work well with each other, but I am biased on this topic.

So with some new illustration time I needed to replenish my water color paper supplies and before I ordered any I took some time to research the different papers out there. I knew for now I would stick with Strathmore paper as I have been happy with it thus far. I used the 140 lb. paper so the only question left was series 400 or series 500 and cold or hot press paper. I ended up buying 400 series cold press as this is what I am comfortable with but also bought some hot press 500 series to experiment and see how another paper feels.

pencil sketch
So to get back into a rhythm I thought I would just do some quick cartoons to get the juices flowing, as always I start with a pencil sketch. From the pencil sketch I get out my light table and place the water color paper on top to transfer the design. During this time I can modify and change features in an attempt to continue to tweak the design. In this experiment, I painted them both with the same exact colors to help me see any difference between the two papers.

hot press 140 lb.
cold press 140 lb.
This was a fun experiment and even though they have different facial features and detailing it still gives me a start for defining the different way the two papers work with my painting style. Before I end this I should mention that I always finish off my painted pieces with a thin black outlining, I don't feel that they are finished without this. I use a Pilot HI-TEC 0.3 mm pen for this and am extremely happy with the results.

as always, 
"Good night and May God Bless"

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

carving with Tony

 So recently Tony Harris and I had another opportunity to work on a joint carving together. Tony had recently seen some cowboys I had carved and said I know our next project should be. I carve a lot of my carvings in butternut and after our last project was in Butternut Tony made an order and told me our next would be as well.

Tony is an extremely talented carver and he sets up a carving beautifully, something I am still striving to learn and master. This is part of the joy of doing a joint carving. It allows you to see how another carver approaches a carving opposed to how you might.

As you can see he set up a wonderful carving and all I had to do was to carve in a face without messing it up and then paint him. This is such a fun project to do with a fellow carver, to see both carvers styles blend into one carving is awesome. And if I don't mind saying so myself I think Tony and my style end up making a fun carving in the end.

as always, 
"Good night and May God bless"

Saturday, March 4, 2017

how I sketch

Many may have noticed the little lad on my page wishing everyone a Happy Saint Patty's day, you know the one with no arms and no feet. He was a sketch back when working on designs for characters for my book. I never explored him very far but liked the bit I had done so one evening when I had no agenda for the night I decided I would paint him up in water color. Down the road I may revisit him but for now I like the portion I did and am happy with the results.

The hillbilly in my pattern book and seen on the front cover started out the same as my Irish gent, just a quick sketch on a scrap piece of paper. Once I started gathering the ones together that I thought people might want to carve I then began completing the cartoons I thought I might want in the book.

I have a full collection of sketches of half developed characters and one day I will get back to each and every one. Many of my characters I want to see carved into wood one day and the others I want to see painted in water color. After all I still want to do a coffee table book of my life based on my cartoons and how they and I have improved over time. At least they have.

as always, 
"Good night and May God bless"