Friday, August 17, 2012

Making Politically correct history

My youngest son decided to watch one of our many cartoon collection DVD’s, we have a wide variety from “Tom and Jerry” to “Droopy”. Even though the cartoons vary by character there is one thing that is the same, a disclosure or an apology at the beginning of the cartoons. Someone, usually a Hollywood type politically correct in every way, explains how these are insensitive in there depiction of someone or something of that era. 

I know you are thinking this is about the cartoons of today and how they are nothing like the cartoons we grew up with and you would be right but no, even though I could make that point, not today. No this is more about the idea that we now have to apologies for everything that has ever happened in history that was either offensive or intolerant no matter how long ago it was. Now normally this is about wood carving but today I have to rant because I am sick of Hollywood making my kids and me feel bad for watching "Tom n Jerry" opposed to the crap on t.v today, yes crap. Obviously we know better than they did we don't wear those weird clothes that they used to wear, do we? My question is why do we have to do this? Are we now in such a perfect state, sinless in all that we do as a society that we now may pass judge on all that have come before? Maybe we should focus on today, getting today right and then tomorrow, preparing for tomorrow. It was once said that you can’t drive a car spending all your attentions in the rear view mirror. Maybe we need to refocus our efforts, instead of looking back in pious judgment on those who came before maybe we should focus on who we are and try to improve upon our short comings, if we actually have any that is.
Oh and LIGHTEN UP it’s a cartoon for goodness sake

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