Friday, September 6, 2013

comfort birds

I was given two rough-outs for comfort birds so the other day I thought I would give it a try. I thought about using my carving tools but decided to use the old dremel tool instead. I did this remembering an article in one of the carving magazines on power carving a cardinal so went with the power tool instead. For my first two thought they came out o.k., I tried to be conscious of how they would feel in someones hand more than on the design of the bird itself, after all that is the purpose of the carving. Unfortunately I was also motivated to carve these as we have had friends who have recently lost loved ones and both will be given out in hopes that they do indeed bring comfort to those in need.

In an attempt to end this posting on a lighter note I have posted pictures of the cedar tree I got from a neighbor who had cut it down and had it out for the city to pick up. I have in the past cut branches off of our cedar tree and they dry out fairly well without a whole lot of cracking so figured I would clean this up and store it to see if it can be harvested for a future carving. I will clean off some of the protruding branches and then store it for a time before beginning to shape it to see what I have to work with. When I think of the wide variety of trees and plants created I realize God used used the whole canvas for his painting, may we do the same as we go through this life.  

Carpe diem carving

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