Thursday, June 26, 2014


I will try to remember that on Thursdays to post a cartoon because before I got into carving it was all about the cartoons. So on TBT I will post an image or two tell the story if any and voila as they say.

I have been known to draw a lot of cartoons of every day items and give them facial expressions and try to convey what they would say if they could speak. This is one that I believe was one of the first that I did along these lines but it was way back in another life so don't quote me on that. This was one of the ones that started the whole coffee mug vs. tea mug and the mug or cup wanting one or the other. Usually it's a manly mug that can't believe someone is drinking that girly tea in it. The male ego even in a coffee mug, a true American tradition. I will admit this comes from me being given many hours of grief at different jobs drinking tea, long story.

I did recently re-create him in water color and decided he was so animated in his out rage he began to spill all over the place. I decided that he was abruptly looking up causing more of the drink to spill out the back, with drawings and carvings we need to think through the staging of the object, person, whatever it maybe to convey our message.

Maybe this guy is screaming out;

Is that vanilla I smell? REALLY! You might as well get out the tea bags if you are going to embarrass me this way in front of the other mugs!

Maybe you think he is saying something different based on your choice in the morning or maybe this is what your mug would say.

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