Monday, December 21, 2015

and more ornaments part II

Well I got some painting done last night but as you may have noticed there was one that I focused on more then the other two and there was a third sitting on the desk that got forgot completely. So the main carving for me, my pilot Santa is done and awaiting the sealant. The other two I may work on tonight if I am not busy addressing envelopes to send out our annual Christmas letter.

It was funny last night as I am cleaning up my table and putting away my tools I glanced at my pilot and wasn't sure I liked the way he was coming along, part of this was I had another carving casting a shadow over this one. Yeah, this guy, I was so happy with this guy and the way I painted his eyes that it influenced the way I looked at the other carving. I don't know if other carvers do this but I am told that I compare carvings one to another, hey what can I say, this is how I am wired. I am still looking to earn my way into the carving community.

Now as Paul Harvey would say is "The Rest of the Story" I came out this morning sat in my chair and picked up my now painted carving and probably due to not being fully awake yet, looked at him all by himself without comparing him to any other carving and you know what, I like him, I like him a lot. I wonder how many other ares of my life I just need to step back and take a fresh look to see if I see it in a new perspective.

Merry Christmas to you and yours and as always,

Good night and may God bless

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