Thursday, April 27, 2017

new addition

So yesterday I received a wonderful gift in the mail, a hillbilly carving from Mark Akers. This is not just any hillbilly carving, this is the hillbilly from my very first pattern book, "Cartoons 2 Carvings: making the transition from paper to wood". Mark was gracious enough to not only carve the pattern but he also took photographs of his progression while carving. But as if this were not enough look at the mini crate he built to ship this guy due to the pipe and more then that the burnt match he's holding in the other hand. He could have placed him in a box and filled it with peanuts and the carving could have made it all the way with no issue to the match stick, but that doesn't match Marks character. 

On a carving note, the boulders are carved solid from the piece of wood that forms the base, and there is a piece of felt under the wood that forms the base. Wonderful craftsmanship all the way around, I am honored to own this wonderful carving and beyond that to call him my mentor and my friend.

Please take a moment and visit his carver's page and check out all his carvings and rough-outs. I don't believe either of these Santas have been posted on his page but I do believe he does have some available for purchase. 

as always, 
"Good night and May God bless"

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