Wednesday, July 26, 2017

out before Christmas (hopefully)

 "what is that smell, did I step in something"

That was the simple idea behind this cartoon, though many of my cartoons are drawn not from a punch line but just an observation. Truth be told the cartoon originated when I was highlighting something, this, a few years ago back in the late 90's when some markers still had the strong smell. Without hesitation my mind wondered how bad does it smell to him, and voila' the marker had taken on a life of its own now I just needed to put it on paper.

The other cartoon was simply a cigarette with an attitude, blowing smoke at you as if to deliberately fill the room. Or maybe he's just a cigarette from days gone by when they made you tough and you could smoke anywhere and it didn't shock anyone.

These are two samples of the kind of cartoons you will see in my upcoming book hopefully out before Christmas. It will be somewhat of an autobiography in pictures of sorts, going from simple pencil sketches to my new love, painting my cartoons with water color. It should be an easy read.

as always, 
"Good night and May God bless"

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