Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Back in the day

 Back in the day I carved in balsa because I was told this was a good wood to carve in, and for a beginner it probably was. I was also doing cartoons on water color paper with water color markers around that same time. I had come up with this crazy idea, "what do the elves do in the off season"? So I started cartooning some ideas on a typical day in the life of an elf. I will share some of these old cartoons in the upcoming days but the reason I mention it is this would be one of the first cartoons I would try to carve, in balsa, with an X-acto knife. Yes a lot of my whittlings back then were done either with an X-acto knife or pocket knife or a mixture of both. Back then as today there were not many carvers in the area that I knew so it was truly trial by error and there were many errors along the way. I am still trying to break some of those bad habits today, but that is for another time. So for your viewing pleasure, one or two of the elves during an average day. They don’t sing and make toys all the time. Really you didn't know that, huh, learn something new every day.

Yes it is true they bowl. They even have a league and why not they already have matching vest.

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