Tuesday, April 24, 2012

You found me

 So you found me and I wasn’t even hiding. Thanks for stopping by, in the next few weeks, months and beyond I will share with you my experiences in carving, cartooning and the connection between the two, and there is a connection. I have always cartooned, ever since I was a young child. Most kids read the Sunday funnies, I drew them. Advertisements anything that caught my eye I would draw.
 Then one day with a stick in one hand and my pockets knife in the other I made my first cut, the rest as they say is history, but not all history is complete. This will be like reading a book. The difference though is that we are right in the middle of the book, beginning a new chapter, a key chapter in deed.
For years I have dabbled in cartooning and carving. In the upcoming pages of this chapter you will read about a cartoonist and carver that will be putting effort into improving on each skill and then connecting the 2. In the future I want my carving to improve and my skill set to increase beyond where it is today. After that I will focus on converting my cartoons 2 carvings. So stop by and join in the conversation, it should get interesting.

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