Friday, October 26, 2012

Santa bust

My latest is a Santa bust from Mark Akers collection. I have carved a few of his and though I like this one it is probably not my favorite. Not because of the rough out itself but because, from time to time, the knife or should I say the holder of the knife makes a slight mistake and it impacts the carving. Somehow I nicked the nose flare and had to re-adjust the nose on this one. Even though it ended up looking OK  I still see how the nose just isn't the way I wanted it. I feel like with this one I have made some strides in my carving of the beard. This one seems to flow better, although back when I had a beard mine never flowed, maybe I didn't grow it out long enough. Overall I like the design of this one and am happy with the result. So here it is and of course color will proceed shortly.

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