Sunday, October 28, 2012

Santa bust, maybe

Yeah maybe a bust, I added color to the Santa bust and bricks at the base. I am thinking too much color, or should I say too strong a color. I didn't obey one of the rules of carving I have been taught, paint the color on a spare piece of wood first to test it. The red of the bust is too strong for my taste and gives it a cartoony effect that based on the title of the blog you would think I would like, yeah, no. I have found that a thinner color best suits my taste for the overall look of a carving, so this one in some ways is a bust. You be the judge, and if I am right, “don’t tell me I don’t want to know”. Good grief Charlie Brown. 

My son had an idea I might try, to put chimney smudges on Santa, make it look like he has been busy.  

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