Sunday, January 26, 2014

cowboy carving

Well the other day I started a rough out that I bought about two years ago. Originally it was for a class but not enough people signed up so it got canceled, the economy and all. At one point my carving buddy up in the burg and I thought we would carve these together as he had the same rough out, I think you have one of each and you know who you are.

So as I said I decided the other day to get it out and get back on it. I should say this up front that I am not a big fan of carving from rough outs, probably a pride thing. You know that it was started by someone else or by a machine and then I came in to do the rest. Though I have to say, looking at the pictures I realized today that I had a major impact on the out come of said rough out. Any way I like most have been battling sinus issues so I decided that I would carve on this and if it didn't work out no biggy, after all I bought two and they were both just taking up space.

The carving is not complete at this point but is coming along. I searched the internet and found a picture of a pair of chaps that I liked and worked them into the carving. I also have cuffed his pants based loosely on the way John Wayne cuffed his in the movie "The Searchers" it did as well in "Rio Bravo". I mean come on who doesn't like the "Duke". So take a look and see what you think so far. I included the un-carved rough out in the images for comparison. I am leaning towards making the hat a "Gus" hat like Gus in lonesome dove. For those of you that wear cowboy hats referring to a Gus hat would have said it all. So "until we meet again"

Carpe diem carving   

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