Wednesday, January 1, 2014

swoosh it's gone

Wow did that fly by, no not the snowman although he is moving at a fast clip.

The year, it seems to have moved at an extremely fast pace this year. It seems like the boys just started school and now they are looking at 5 months left before summer vacation. Isn't that the way when you have kids though, you are always preparing for the next event. This year everyone talked about how close Christmas was to Thanksgiving and as much as I tried to deny it and ignore that talk it did come and go rather fast. Maybe now that we have no major events, after a January birthday that is, we will have a few months were we can just relax and enjoy our family. 

So for now 
Happy New Year
 whether you celebrate it or not, it's here 

May God be with and bless you in the coming year


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