Monday, February 3, 2014

Carving with Butternut

Well I have carved with the butternut wood and I have to say I am happy with my second attempt but so far I am not a fan of the wood. It is a very nice looking wood and the grain looks good but to date, I am not impressed. Mostly the way it carves, it's too grainy and soft for my taste.

I will say this before I go any further. This is the first time I have carved with butternut and the only time I have bought any. I don't know if this is typical butternut or if this is a high grade or low grade version of the wood. Either way so far not my favorite. I don't hate it and am getting used to the way it carves but seems like you have to be real tender in using gouges or it seems to crumble. I will take some time today and put my tools to the strop to make sure the issue isn't in my tools, which it could be. Overall the wood is ok but for now ranks up there with cotton wood bark, not a big fan of this wood either. I quess when it comes down to it, in fish and wood I like bass. Of course one is easier to come by then the other, at least where I fish.

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Carpe diem carving

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