Tuesday, February 11, 2014

cowboy carving pt3

Well in the last few days I painted my cowboy. After the initial painting he looked pretty, too pretty. After all he is a cowboy. So I decided I would dirty him up a bit so he looks like he has put in a full days work, maybe mending barb wire fencing. Now he looks like he has earned his keep. Back then you were expected to do just that and not depend on hand outs and freebies to get by. But I digress.

After I first smudged him up I realized something. I realized I didn't get a before picture. This would have been good because the first few minutes after smudging him up the change was so extreme it made me wonder if this was a good choice but after letting him be for a bit I went back and looked at him and was and am happy with the results. Unfortunately the lighting doesn't show all of the smudges but you can get the general idea none the less.

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