Friday, January 1, 2016

Playing around with a few carvings in the last days of 2015. The first one is an extremely small piece of wood just to see if I could pull that off. I may carve a few more of these but not sure if I would ever put any in my shop or even paint them for that matter but as I say it was just to see if I could and did I like carving that size.

I also pulled out some bass wood and carved a pilot Santa in bass wood, as many may know I have concentrated a lot of my time carving butternut wood as I have a fondness for the way it carves and also for the wonderful grain in the wood. I did hit a snag in that area though.

Butternut has a wonderful grain but when I was first introduced to this wood I read that this is not a good wood to paint as the paint could bleed through the grain. I had by chance begun to put a finish onto the wood to seal the grain to allow me to paint my carvings but this caused its own problem. When you seal the wood the paint can't be absorbed into the wood itself and when applying a sealant over the finished piece you can have some paint chip off. This makes the final sealant stage very tedious. I have begun the research process for this area of concern to see if I can find a modification that will allow me to continue to paint my carvings done in butternut. Until then I will continue the way I work now, knowing that I have to be cautious in the final sealant coating.

The final carving I did was a fun one for me. With this one Santa's cap has gotten twisted up in his beard and the two have begun to wrap around him. This one I think will be wonderful after painting and will give a bit of a candy cane effect as the red of his cap and the white of the beard twist around Santa.

It has been a full year and as we lay this one to rest and prepare for the new year to come we look ahead with excitement and wonder for what God has laid out for us. As a wise man once told me years ago, "as long as I am casting a shadow life is good and I will not worry, because we don't know what the future holds, but we know Who holds the key"

I Corinthians 2:9

as always, 
Good night and may God bless 

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