Thursday, January 28, 2016

What does it mean to fail? Does anyone enjoy failure? More importantly is the thought of possible failure overwhelming to you.

For many people it is, to many people the thought of failure makes people not even try which in the end is a failure in itself. Did you know that the great Babe Ruth for 29 years held the record for strike outs in his career, he held that record until his record was broken by Mickey Mantle. These guys knew if you are going to swing for the fences you have to be willing to strike out. More importantly they believed they could swing for the fences. I think there are two types of doubters, the ones that have a fear of failure and the other are the ones that can't fathom the idea that they could actually come out on top.

I know right give, me some coffee, this is way too much to think about this early in the morning.

Many of you folks may remember before carving I was busy cartooning. You may also remember back on the 27th of September I had shared that I was working out some patterns for a carving friend. Well from this it has been suggested that I make a book of patterns. A book, that sounds vaguely familiar, oh that's right that book. Yes a year or so ago I had looked into doing a coffee table book of my one liner cartoons. No it never came about, I wasn't ready to swing for the fences and now another book idea is out there, what to do what to do. Well the only thing to do is make a few books. I will still carve some and share them here but I will be busy in the not so distant future setting up some cartoons for a coffee table book as well as designing some cartoons for patterns to carve from. I will welcome prayers for my new venture and will post any and all updates as I progress. in between all this I will share any and all new carvings as I complete them.

as always, 
"Good night and may God bless"


  1. I am firmly placed in that second category. While I have ideas overflowing from every notebook and folder in my home, not one... let me repeat that, not ONE has ever become fully realized in any form. The closest I came was a little role playing game that sold copies in the SINGLE digits.

    So I completely understand where you are coming from. My struggle is in viewing my failures as a measurement of my overall worth. I am trying hard to remember power messages from the scriptures such as Romans 8 an Ephesians 3; that there is a greater plan for me than I can see.

    You, Houlden, continue to inspire me to persevere as I know you better than most of your readers. I have seen you in good times and bad and you always bounce back and keep yours eyes forward knowing that better things are on the way.

    Thank you, brother!

    1. Thanks Rich, for supporting and believing without fail or falter. We have traveled different paths but have experienced similar trials on the trail. With every step I have traveled I know there is a friend across the pond watching and praying, I thank you for that brother, more than you know. God speed sir, there's wind in the sails and more journey ahead.