Saturday, February 20, 2016

painted pilot

 Well I got my RAF pilot painted the other day and I think he came out quite nice. My pilot ornaments in the past have had a red cap but I made his a grayish blue. I probably could have gone a tad darker and may have gotten the color closer to the color of the RAF uniforms. Still overall I am happy with the ornament even the little patch on the tassel and the crown placed above that. That's the nice thing about caricature carvings they just have to represent the character not be a perfect match. 

This is part of the fun for me doing the old pilots I can incorporate some of the old insignia and images onto the carving and it gives it a nice vintage feel. This guy will be jumping the pond in the next few days at he heads home to England. I think he will feel right at home there. 

 as always, Good night and may God bless

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