Wednesday, May 25, 2016

I haven't been carving much this week. I have spent a good portion of my time cartooning on water color paper and then adding color with my water color pencils and water brush pens. I also have tried a new pen to add the black outline I put on all my cartoons, it's a Pilot hi-Tec with an extra fine .03 tip. The fun thing about these is they are gel pens but they are ball points. I believe due to it being a gel pen you can use wet brushes to pull out some color from the lines to highlight areas. I use my water brush pens and have been experimenting with this technique. I haven't mastered it but am slowly getting the hang of it, though sometimes the water brush pens can give more water than needed if I am not paying close enough attention. Yet as I say I am just now experimenting with this technique. I have also been working with the idea of glass objects in my cartoons and how things look as you view through not only the glass but sometimes color as well but still staying true to these being cartoon objects. I will be carving soon but for now I hope you enjoy the images.

please remember that while you enjoy family and friends that this Memorial Day aka Decoration Day is about those who are no longer here with us and able to experience the same enjoyment. As the song says, " All gave some, but some gave ALL"  

as always, 
Good night and may God bless

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