Thursday, July 21, 2016

another found wood carving

Here is another piece of found wood that I have carved, this one into a candle. A fellow carver Kathy Overcash had carved a few candles and included a carved face in the flame of the candle so I thought I would give that a try with this one. Her carvings were brought to my attention from another carver who saw a water color illustration I had done of a candle in a glass candle stick. At the time I was playing around with how to add color to objects made of glass. He told me that the illustration reminded him of Kathy's carvings and said next time you have some found wood you should see if you could do your candle in wood.

I was fairly happy with the carving overall but this one really came to life once some color was added. So then the candle was complete and he would stand on his own but then I thought "what good is a candle without a candle stick?" and so I began to look though my found wood pile and see if there was wood enough to make this little fellow a candle stick and there was.

Many may remember that I had played around with power carving briefly, starting out utilizing my Dremel tool. Well for the candlestick I would utilize that very same tool once again. I simple put on a drum sander and held the Dremel shaft in my right hand while also (using both hands) held the piece of wood that I chose for the candlestick. Now as I held the shaft steady in my hand I would simply turn the piece of wood slowly, shaping it as I went along. This was a kind of makeshift wood lathe of sorts. The only thing left to do was add some color to break it up a bit. Here I chose to first wood burn in two lines in the mid section of the candle stick and then add paint.  After I was done carving I was not totally on board with this little guy but once the color was added and the candlestick as well I really took a shine to this one.

as always, 
Good night and may God bless

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