Saturday, January 21, 2017

another butternut pilot

I haven't posted anything in a while as life has kept me busy. Of course a portion of this may be due to my being a bit unorganized. None the less I have actually gotten a few things done in the not so distant past, two of which are the butternut carvings posted.

The first and favorite is the vintage pilot. I debated on giving him a cigar but this time I have left that out though looking at these images I still think it would have been fun. I won't do a fancy paint job on him just basic colors but I will most definitely paint him. I know many who never paint butternut due to the grain being so beautiful all its own. Trust me when I tell you that properly painting butternut can give you a better vintage look than you can get with bass wood and all the antiquing that you would need to do. I will post images of him painted and you will see how great it can look with some basic color.

as always, 
"Good night and May God bless"

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