Monday, February 20, 2017

hat's off to the cowboy

Many times as a wood carver we have a set design in mind when in the process of carving down to every last detail. Most times for me it's a simple I am going to carve a; and away I go. Sometimes we have as we are carving the carving changes, maybe we don't like the direction the carving is headed in or maybe half way through we realize we were looking or thinking it all wrong and modify where we were headed.

Sometimes it takes an act of God, or simply a clumsy carver, who mumps the drawing table and down goes the cowboy. A few times mind, just a few, this very same clumsy carver bumps the same said table numerous times or moves it while the carving is standing up and down he goes.

Well one of the times that this cowboy went down the brim of his hat broke and so the decision needed to be made. My first inkling was to carve the brim to match on both sides and so I did. You may have noticed that there are no images of this effort, yes it look so ridiculous that I wouldn't take a picture of him that way.

So now there is nothing left to do but simply remove the hat. At this point the only other question was did I have enough wood up there to do something with it, well luckily I did and now he is possibly one of my favorite carvings to date. There was a song that the main lyric was,

"Don't it always seem to go
That you don't know what you got till it's gone"

I would say no truer words were spoken I had no idea what I had till the hat was gone. 

and then there were three again

 as always, 
"Good Night and May God bless"

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