Sunday, February 19, 2017

and then there were three

Well things here are jumping lately got three carvings done recently the first was the old gent on the left then followed that up with the cowboy on the right. The third in the final picture is the unpainted cowboy on the left, he has a whole story all his own so today, let's just focus on the first two.

The gent in the top hat is a re-visited design that I thought I would tweak a little and see if I could improve upon the original. The cowboy is my second of this kind and I just wanted as the previous just to give it another go. These were both carved on a corner block piece of butternut, the same wood I utilize with the carving of my ornaments. The main difference is many of my ornaments are 4" long and these pieces are 6" long to give me more to work with for detailing. I am pleased with the design aspect of the cowboy as I feel he has enough detail to tell the story but I have left out enough to not make him an larger piece than I was hoping for. No sooner was the cowboy carved and painted he was sold to a good friend who seems determined to own all my designs in regard to my carvings.

as I say the third cowboy has a story all his own and i will share his story in the next posting.

as always,
 "Good night and May God bless"

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