Saturday, March 10, 2018

 Recently I was asked my procedure for carving the nose and eye area, so I will share my response;

When carving the nose right after I have cut the lower line where the tip of the nose and then cut an angled line for each nostril flare area I take my  ¼  #7 gouge and cut up towards the area where the eyes come meet. I then take my 3/16 #9 or 10 gouge and proceed to open up the eye area. When I do this I always cut all the way through from one eye socket to the other across the bridge of the nose. The time we got together Dwayne Gosnell was carving a nose area and he started setting up the eyes when he said "what if  have a oops moment and you accidentally go too deep" and cut out a chunk of wood at the bridge of the nose. He then continued on with the eyes and the nose making the "oops" moment part of the new design. Well I have made this oops moment a part of my carving routine to make myself be sure to go deep and to get real depth.

 Every carver has a different approach and uses different techniques to achieve the look he/she is going for, this is simply mine.

as always, 
"Good Night and May God bless"

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