Thursday, November 8, 2012

Dapper Dan the snowman

If anyone has looked at the “Dapper Dan” link you would have seen my snowmen cartoons. Yes I do like snowmen, winter and of course Christmas. This previous spring I played around with the wood lathe and while learning this new craft I made a snowman. This was a turning point for me because even though I was happy with the snowman I wasn't happy with how stiff he looked. This made me realize that even though wood turning was enjoyable, carving was a greater passion for me and this would plunge me back into carving and to where I am today. So recently I decided to carve this snowman some essentials that all snowmen need. I carved him a carrot nose and a pipe. In all my cartoons that one that have pipes don’t have corncob pipes but instead a traditional pipe, one that a child would borrow from his father to give to a needy snowman.

So here is the unpainted version of Dapper Dan the snowman, eat your heart out frosty.

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