Sunday, February 10, 2013

Another pilot pt 2

   Well the pilot Santa is painted. I for the most part like the way he came out although I did have to play around with the gold metal flake paint, it was too shiny. I mixed up some colors and watered them down pretty thin, just enough to paint to tone down the gold metal flake.
It was important for me that the goggles have a look that represents the effect of glass over-top of a color. To get the “glass look” here are the basics of how I attempted this. I don’t go into detail on the actual colors used as each carver will pick the colors that best represents their carving. I worked in some of the color from the cap watered down and painted it in the center of the goggles lenses. I then “watered down” slightly some blue to paint around the edge of the glass of the goggles. Then I came back with some more of the blue “watered down” even more and blended it into the center of the goggles never over lapping the center color all the way to the middle of each lens. I finished off with some white highlights in the center and around the perimeter of the glass area and the goggles are complete. I think the final product gives the illusion of glass on top of a colored cap. If anyone has any questions you can send me a line and I will do my best to reply in a timely manner. 

 On a side note I am starting my own doodle stick. This is where I will free hand carve different facial expressions until I run out of wood. Some will have facial hair some will not. This is not a new carving concept but one worth looking into. If you want to learn from the master of this go to the Don Mertz link on my page and click on the “WhittleDoodle IV & VII & MORE”. Don Mertz only carves these with a knife but that is up to you as a carver. The two posted pictures were not carved solely with a knife. I am going to try it in a future carving. Remember not every carving is a master piece, some should just be for the joy of carving and learning the art. There are links on my blog of carvers who have carved longer than I and share their knowledge on their sites, take a look.

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