Saturday, February 2, 2013

Wood Spirit

Well here is the wood spirit that I have been working on with Bob. As many of you know when you take a class, which is what this was in many ways, you carve a portion and the instructor carves a portion. So I don’t totally claim this as my carving since another carver had his hand in it while instructing me. Although I am proud of how this came out and am happy with the results I found as a carver that I am not eager to claim it as my own. I wondered if anyone taking a class felt the same as I did. Make no mistake I am extremely happy with the lessons learned from this and was thankful for another carver taking the time out of his day to help and teach me. Still, so far when someone has commented on it I catch myself explaining that it was a joint venture or that I carved some and so did the instructor. This was the first time that I was in a class carving setting so I didn't know if this was typical or is it just me?
Either way I had a great experience and I probably learned more from our conversations, not just in reference to carving, than I did from the time spent working on the piece. Don’t get me wrong I am very proud of this piece and how it came out, but I think the process outweighs the final product. Bottom lines, if the opportunity presents itself take a class, no matter whether it’s a local carver or one of the well known carvers. For me I have not only walked away with a nice finished carving but have made a friend in the process. And if not a class join a local carving club and share and learn what you love, carving.

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