Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Here I go again

Yes here I go again. I in my wisdom or lack of am going to do one more craft show before the year ends. With everything going on right now not sure how many new carvings I will get done. I am going to try and carve a bottle top pilot before the show. This one is about 5 minutes away so it will be close and I will have a table near a new friend who makes wooden toys. House to House Woodcrafts is the name of the business, really nice stuff from really nice people. I will try and get a few things carved up for the show while I decorate the house (inside and out), try and get some Christmas shopping done and maybe a load of laundry if there is time. Yep the holiday season is upon us once again.

Remember as I need to do this year more than ever is that it is Christmas. Yes it will get heck-tick since the space between Christmas and Thanksgiving seems to be smaller. Yet more importantly, it is Christmas. Of all the Holidays this is one of the two most important ones to celebrate and rejoice. After all if it wasn't for the other, this would simply be just another child being born, but it's not.

Thanks to Charles Schultz and Linus we and Charlie Brown know what Christmas is all about, let us always remember this and never be afraid to share it.

Merry Christmas  

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