Sunday, November 17, 2013

church bazaar, not really

Well the bazaar is over and it wasn't bizarre at all. Actually it was an enjoyable time. The folks who run the bazaar were wonderful and the young men and woman who were there to help were very polite and worked very hard. Good job to all of them. During the event I met some nice people, had a chance to get to know some friendly vendors and sold an ornament or two. This was also a great chance for me to get feedback on my carvings from strangers who had no investment with me or my work. I have posted pictures of a few of the carvings that sold, three Santa pilots which sold to three different individuals, and also a bottle topper that I carved. It was nice to sell the pilots, these were my designs and not a pattern from another carver. I thought this was a win for the home team, unlike my Cornhuskers but that is another topic for another day. All in all this was wonderful experience for my first church bazaar. With the holidays quickly approaching I don't know if I will try and do any other shows but have already placed this one on my calendar for next year.

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