Saturday, March 8, 2014

bottle toppers pt 2

Well since my last post I got a bit more carving done and so far am happy with the results. Still need to add some more detail to some areas and need to do some clean up on others but so far I am happy with the way this one is coming out. I will make his hat a night cap painting some yellow moons or some stars and since this is a bottle topper will call the carving "A night cap". Makes me think I need to get out some paper and design a full body carving for this concept, I think I could have fun with this one, putting him in his night gown and posing him where he is trying to balance the candle and trying not to wake up the family all after one two many night caps. I will post the images once they are designed.

and as always happy trails and 
Carpe diem carving 

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