Friday, March 7, 2014

bottle toppers

Well I haven't posted in a while so thought I would share a carving I am working on. This will be another bottle topper. This will be my third bottle topper and may be my most creative yet. I carved a ornament with the cap of the elf carved out as a candle and I liked this idea so much I thought it would work well on a bottle topper. I know there are people that take an empty wine bottle and put a candle in it and let the wax melt down the bottle. Many do this numerous times using a variety of colors in candles. Not my thing but this made me think that a bottle topper with a candle worked in might be fun.
This elf will be carved as if he is using the candle on his cap to light his way. He is not completed yet but thought I would share the progress so far.

Not sure how I am going to do the tassel from the cap. I can either swirl it around the back and have it come out the other side to the front or just have it go straight down on the same side. I made the candle leaning on the cap to express the idea of it maybe getting ready to fall which is why I have the flame flickering towards the back opposed to being straight up. Hopefully this will help express the motion of the candle.
 The bottle topper next to the one in progress is a completed topper and is waiting to be painted. I am still debating on the paint job as I always like leaving some of the wood bare to show off the grain. His cap does twist around the back coming out the other side.

happy trails and as always
Carpe diem carving

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