Friday, July 25, 2014

tbt on friday déjà vu

Well yes it is Friday again and I almost forgot TBT, but as I remembered last night my head was too close to hitting the pillow so here we are, again. It has been a fun and busy week; I have been busy planning out my game plan for the next few months. A few things got decided, some wood carving based some cartoon based, and since this blog is about the 2 of them, this is the game plan that I will try to set up a schedule for and hopefully implement in the next few days to weeks.  

Starting with the cartoon portion of my world I will get back to planning out and preparing art work for the making of my book for Amazon. It will be classified as a picture book since most of the pages will have one liner cartoons on them. I will be gathering my cartoons together and researching the format as I redo each cartoon in water color. I think for folks that have a version of kindle that displays color this will make for a wonderful display and for those that don’t I believe the images will still have a pleasant display as well. I still have numerous issues and topics to decide on this but that’s ok I can think these through as I am water coloring all the images. More on this later………

As far as carving I will begin the process of carving one or two requested pieces and also carving some new pieces for my Etsy shop for the holiday season. I also will enter the CCA again this year, many may remember that last year I took a beating but after analyzing what I entered last year I believe I know where I went wrong with my entries and have a better game plan this year. One of my favorite carvings was sent out to Nebraska as a gift to my uncle but it is coming back east for a visit so it can be entered in this year’s competition. I have one or two more that I will enter and will ship them out early, hopefully saving a bit on the cost of shipping.

I will in the next few days begin to finalize and set in place a realistic schedule to get many of these things accomplished while still keeping up with my other obligations. But life is good and God has blessed me with these gifts so it is time to see how far I can go with them. This is not my ego talking but it is in my opinion that any gifts you have whether carving, cartooning or any other gifts in the form of some talent are exactly that, gifts from God. Just as all parents love seeing the joy on the faces of their children on Christmas morning, so does our Heavenly Father enjoy these same expressions of joy on the faces of His children, and wants to see these gifts used, if only to bring joy to those around us.

So with no further ado, let me present TBT, on Friday……………

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