Friday, July 18, 2014

tbt on friday oops!

Many people that cartoon come up with their own comic strip and that is where all their efforts go, for me this is not the case. In a way I do, back when I worked in computer graphics, I began to take inanimate objects and illustrate them. From that point on this has been one of my favorite things to do, after all there are inanimate objects every where so there is always something to illustrate.

Once I became a stay home dad like every other time in my life I illustrate the things I come in contact with so today I am sharing a few of my more recent cartoons.

I pack lunches for the boys every school year and we have found that the little thermoses work great for drinks. Both the boys have their favorite drinks but for the longest time as boys do my youngest loved his chocolate milk.

As most parents I used to get in the car pool line and park next to the safety cones waiting for the boys to come out. Like many possibly, I started to wonder what good the cones were doing with some of these drivers, I mean man this isn't NASCAR this is carpool.

Carpool is always interesting as you watch the parents try and entertain themselves while they wait for their kids, many read or talk on their phones but I would just simply look around and try to imagine who would be the next best object to illustrate. So yeah there are street lights and poles lining an area of the parking lot.

With these two the joke was the first pole saying "wow what is this one of those NASCAR races? Are these pit stops?" and the other pole simply says "No this is afternoon carpool" then the first pole simply says "WOW"

ok well that is it for my tbt, on Friday, oops.

So as always happy trails
Carpe diem cartooning

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