Wednesday, January 28, 2015

another carving done pt 2

Yesterday I got some time in carving a quick face just to get back into the swing of things. I should explain I have had a old shoulder injury resurrect itself, and move across to my other shoulder just to keep it fresh. This shut down my carving for a good month to almost two so I am getting back to carving slowly as I don't want to start up the issue allover again. I am on the mend but am still taking it slow.

So the last two carvings have been simple carvings just for the fun of carving. After all I don't make a living at this and even though I sell some carvings I do this for the love of carving.

The carving yesterday was a face of a guy, probably middle age, has a few wrinkles and a bit of a thick neck so a hint that he may have a little extra weight but not obese. He still has a full head of hair but will wait till the paint comes out to decide if he has some gray or if he has a full head of hair. I like this one just kind of fun with a quirky expression as if he is looking at something that has caught his attention but maybe not in a good way. This one I won't hollow out the back to make sure he keeps a good balance to sit up on his own.

as always happy trails
Carpe diem 4 carving  

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