Thursday, May 21, 2015

I have been carving pine knots now that the weather has allowed some outside carving time. I still consider myself a novice at power carving but am getting more comfortable with each carving. The two shown here are the tips of two pine knot. I still have the main body to carve a larger carving but these give me time to experiment and I can carve to in one sitting with relative ease.

The first face I decided to let the shape of the wood define who was in the wood. The second I was just seeing how much I could play with the facial expression. I am fairly happy with the results although I am in my mind still being a bit timid in my carvings and not getting the depth I want to give me a strong profile. So far this seems to be my opinion only and am getting positive responses from most who see these thus far.

With this being a piece of pine I have to be mindful of the grain as the wood can chip small layers if not careful with the bits while carving. Sometimes as I am using a bit to smooth out or round a section I have a layer chip off.  Usually when this happens it is a small section and is easy to fix. You do have to examine the piece before carving to get a feel for cracks in the wood that may make an area sensitive to carving.

 as always happy trails
Carpe diem 4 carving

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