Wednesday, November 4, 2015

ornaments ornaments ornaments

Well I have begun the push to load my shop with my 2015 Christmas ornaments. This is the main portion though I do have a few more that may be loaded within the next few days. Not all have been loaded but my goal is to have everything in the shop by Friday. I was going to be doing a craft fair this year but at the last minute it was canceled for November. I believe they may try and do one in the spring if not they will set their sights on November 2016. 

I need to carve a few more but after a while I get itchy to carve something different but as they say "tis the season". Mine like many shops are busy from last week or so of October/ first week of November through the end of the year so this is when the main thrust of our sales occurs. I should have had all my ornaments in the shop by now but have had numerous projects going at one time. Starting this past Monday radio stations have begun playing Christmas music, people are counting down to Christmas both on TV and on social media sites, it has begun.

My hope and prayer is that we learn to enjoy the moment for once it is gone it is gone. Yes we have the memories but it is in the average every day moments that define who we are, husband, father, stay home dad or carver/cartoonist. I will end this with some lyrics from Billy Dean;

I'm gonna hold who needs holdin'
Mend what needs mendin'
Walk what needs walkin'
Though it means an extra mile

Pray what needs prayin'
Say what needs sayin'
'Cause we're only here
For a little while

as always, 
"Good night and may God bless" 


  1. Richard, those re excellent, very nice.

  2. Thanks Mark, I still need to get photos of a couple of them and get them in my shop. Still not sure how this year will play out, slow so far but it's early.