Saturday, March 26, 2016

How does He see us

  I have shared with many how most of my ornaments are carved from a corner block piece of wood. On one occasion when I had shared this with Miss Carolyn at the main office of my boys school she said that this is how we see ourselves as a plain block of wood. She then picked up one of my carved and painted ornaments and said and yet this is how God see us. As a carver I see the areas I messed up and where I need to improve the next time I do a carving and sometimes I simply throw away the piece of wood and start over, God see's no mistakes and He never throws us away. Mine are simple carvings so for a better example think about the wonderful sculpture by Michelangelo, La Pietà. I can't begin to imagine being able to look at a block of marble and seeing this sculpture inside. I can't imagine how he felt the day it was completed as he stood back and saw his creation, just as I can't imagine how God feels when He looks down upon me and it was for you and I that he gave His only Son.

Happy Easter and as always,

Good night and may God bless

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