Saturday, March 19, 2016

Scrap wood is never scrap to a carver, we can usually find something to do with it. As mentioned in my previous posting we can make items for a carving like cigars. Yet sometimes we simply use scrap wood to practice and get the carving juices flowing because after all not every carving is a ribbon winner. That doesn't mean that they can be fun and give you a chance to practice techniques or just simply have some time carving. I had a scrap piece that wasn't designated for anything so I thought I would just play around and see what I could come up with. Maybe not my best but fun all the same.

Sometimes the scraps help us to look at the way we are doing or carving certain areas. You may notice that the first image the edges of the nostrils have a harder edge and don't go back into the face as much as the rest of the images, I had carved him and noticed this so the next day I went back in and softened the edges and carved them a bit more into the face. Lesson learned, time well spent and he's kind of fun taboot.

as always, 
Good night and may God bless

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