Sunday, September 11, 2016

a picture is worth a thousand words

I just wanted to share these wonderful images from the Caricature Carvers of America. These are the carvings that garnered me my ribbons for this year's competition and yes I am very proud of each of them as well as the ones that didn't place this year.

But right now I am not focusing on the carvings, right now I am focusing on the images of the carvings. I like many am trying to have an online presence and the visual part of this sometimes eludes me. I have two cameras; one a point and shoot model and the other is what I believe is what is referred to as an SLR camera. This one has multiple settings and honestly way above my level of expertise. But look at the images from the show, aren't they wonderful. They make me look better than I am and that is exactly what a good photograph is supposed to do. The problem for me is there are a lot of words in the camera manual and not many pictures, you see I am more of a visual person by nature. Like with carvers and cartoonist, it's amazing what someone can do when they have mastered the tool at hand. My thanks to the Eastern Woodland Carvers Club and the Caricature Carvers of America for once again putting on a great show and representing carvers in the manner that they do. I wonder if they photography 101 classes?

 as always, 
Good night and May God bless

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