Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Well this weekend was a busy weekend. I got to the point where my garage had gotten way to small and it was time to make a move and so I did. My Shopsmith system with all it gadgets are now gone. I am a wood carver and even though it was a great system it was more then I will ever use. I also found that the band saw for the Shopsmith, which was my main interest in the system, was anything but efficient and accurate for cutting rough cuts. So I posted it on Craigslist Friday evening at an extremely reasonable price and by Sunday afternoon early it was gone. I still have my Shopsmith mini and that is not going any where.

A little side note, if you have something for sale you need to ask yourself some basic questions. What do I have in it, how bad to I want it out of my house and how fast do I want it gone. Too many people have unrealistic ideas on either how much something is worth or how fast something should sell. If you want big money for something you might have to sit on it for awhile and if you want to get it gone you can put a fair and reasonable price without giving it away. I sold my Shopsmith for more than I paid for it but could have gotten more but wanted it gone, Christmas is coming and I wanted a cushion.

Also this weekend one of the gentlemen who showed interest in my Shopsmith had some wood gouges that he ended up selling to me, yeah I had something for sale and I ended up buying or should I say trading instead. I had a second Shopsmith band saw and I traded it for twelve Swiss made gouges, hooray. And a great reminder why I am happy to be earning my way into the carving community, my mentor down in SC Mark Akers (my mentor extraordinaire) offered his help in restoring my tools if I needed it. Shortly after that a carving buddy and carving teacher up in Williamsburg, Bob Soderholm invited me up not to carve this time but to sharpen some tools, twelve to be exact.  I have to give a big thank you to the both of them for offering their help once again.

 My experience is this, I have done graphics in the past and now am back to carving and I can without any hesitation say that the carving community is the most welcoming and helpful group of guys and gals that you would ever want to associate with, and recruiting members daily. There is always room for one more carver at the table.
So as you see this was a busy but wonderful past few days. 

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