Thursday, November 22, 2012

I sold a carving, you will never guess where

First let me say Happy Thanksgiving to all, this is the part of the year I love the most. This is a time of thanksgivings and blessings. I hope everyone has time to reflect on these before the mad rush of the holidays begins. 
On a carving note I am thankful for the progress I see with my carvings, but more importantly for the new and old friends I have been given through the carving community. Also for the mentor and teacher, both who have influenced my work.
Have you noticed how funny life can be? Sometimes it is funny odd and sometimes it is funny ha-ha. Well this was a funny ha-ha moment. With Christmas closely approaching we have begun to realize as we look at the new list of gift suggestions from our boys, how many things we have that are not needed and taking up space. For instance in my garage I had a full size Shopsmith and a Shopsmith mini body holding my scroll saw. Did I mention we have a one car garage. So I decided that the large Shopsmith must go, make some needed room in the garage and it wouldn't hurt to have some extra cash for the holidays either. We also have some items in the house like a box of r/c cars that we got from a yard sale that the boys no longer play with and an 8 mm projector that won’t work with our movies, they are super 8, isn't that just super. So I decided to post a few items on craigslist and see if we can make some space. To my surprise, we not only sold the Shopsmith but also the r/c cars. The funny ha-ha moment of the story was folks saw that I had some wood working items in the garage and the conversation would turn to what type of stuff I did wood working wise. Following both inquiries and showing a carving or two (I am shy that way) they purchased an ornament. The first gentleman didn't even buy the Shopsmith, just an ornament. This ironically after I sat up at a craft show at my boys school and sold nothing. Barely got glances from the people eating chili, you see it was a chili cook-off and craft show, mostly chili cook-off. So the message to take from this story, post things on craigslist and have a display of my carvings in the garage for when people come by to see the item. Even if they don’t buy the thing posted online maybe they will pick up an ornament or two. 

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