Monday, January 28, 2013

"Another Santa" painted

 Here he is painted up and ready to go. We are having a rainy day here so the color isn't completely true, yet you get the idea. I don't know if you have noticed but I have tried a different way to carve the facial features and this gives a less comical nose, in other words the nose is not as exaggerated as some of my earlier carvings. I have gotten good reaction from people on these new carvings so far. Actually (makes you believe me more) I have always had people tell me that they like that none of my carvings look the same as the previous carvings. I try to carve things slightly different each time to the point that I am not sure how well I could duplicate a carving if I were asked. This is good and bad, the good is that all carvings are unique in their own way. The bad is that if someone (and someone has) requested four carvings, then I will carve them and hope the person likes the results of each. AUUGH! I have a little Ray Barone in me and I quote "It's not that I don't have to worry for a year , it's that I have a whole year to worry!". Ain't it the truth, we shall see and so will the person who requested the carvings.

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