Monday, August 12, 2013

aka Don Quixote pt 2/3

It has been said that every carving tells a story and as I looked at my carving of Don Quixote I didn't think he told enough of the story to my liking. When carving a character known by millions you have to know the story in order to tell it correctly. So for one I had to do some research on the story of Don Quixote to try and see what part of the story I wanted told. At first Don didn't have a set base but after thinking about it I came up with the idea of making a shaving basin that Don thinks is a crown. I also started with Don looking straight ahead. I may turn his head ever so slightly to the side, which might give him a bit of a pondering look, something he had throughout most of his adventures. In his armor there are two indents or dings as if he has not weather the adventures as well as he had hoped. I also painted a faint bit of green paint around the dents to represent some tarnishing as if his suit of armor may not have been given the true royal treatment expected of a knight’s armor. I have come to really enjoy this carving and hey, I might have to dust off a copy of the book and give it a spin. I mean come on he’s a character. 

All that will be left to do is to paint the basin and the set his head in it's permanent position. 

To Be continued
Carpe diem carving

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