Sunday, August 11, 2013

skinny dude aka Don Quixote

So the skinny dude is now Don Quixote and the bust portion looks good but he no longer can go without having eyes. My worry was that I had carved the sockets too deep to allow me to carve the eyes in but that wasn't the case. I was given a link to Don Mertz’s blog in his tutorial section on carving eyes  which helped me think it through. 

On a side note, I have found that when I stare at a problem too long I get blinded to the solution. Many times if I just step back and leave it for a time when I come back to it I see it completely different which allows me to see the solution. I am working at a new attitude with carving, in which I don’t have to finish a piece in one sitting. Also not every carving will need the full water color effect to help it stand out as a finished piece. There are very few moments in life when the decision has to be made in a split second, hardly ever with carving. especially when it comes to carving. If you cut yourself carving you know to get up and get yourself a bandage. After the bleeding stops you have time to shop for a carving glove. 

So once I stepped back, got some feedback from some good and knowledgeable friends, I began to resolve the problem. For one I finally realized in my eyes the carving wasn't complete. I think he came out quite well and I am happy to have a completed carving finally.

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