Thursday, August 1, 2013

try try........... completed

Well I mentioned that I wanted to change/modify my soldier and I did exactly that. There seemed to be a little too much wood surrounding the nose so I removed some from this area and I added some rose to his cheeks, before this he was very monotone. I tried to keep the finish down and not let the carving have too much shimmer. On some carvings I think this is a detraction from the style of carving or the way the piece is painted. Most of my ornaments have a bit of a shin to them, hoping this will add to the effect from the Christmas tree lights. I don’t think this guy will ever be hung on a tree so don’t think this will detract from its overall appearance.

I added a pipe as well. It was suggested that on another soldier the addition of a cigar. I am more prone to pipes than cigars. I took some wood shavings from this carving and soaked them in a watered down brown, reddish brown and red. I was trying to simulate when someone takes a puff on a freshly  lit pipe, sometimes you see a red glow from the burning tobacco. Not sure if this is how it came out in the end but nothing ventured nothing gained. Also if you do a search for civil war pipe, many images are of clay pipes and they have the groves or lines in the pipe bowl.

Overall I like this guy and since he doesn't have a home yet we will hang out for a while. This will give me more time to make some mental notes on the finished piece. Maybe it’s just me but I like to hold a carving and look at them in different lighting, kind of turn them around to view all sides. Hey what can I say, I am not good at finishing a carving and then moving on without reviewing and enjoying. I am still in awe of the idea that I can pull this off, and if I can’t, “don’t tell me. I don’t want to know”.   

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