Saturday, August 10, 2013

"skinny dude" carving pt 2

I had just come in from outside where I had cut out a rough-out head and body for a bust carving. As I sat it down on my desk/workstation I looked at the skinny dude’s head resting on my cell phone and thought I need to finish him off. For awhile I thought I would take scrap wood from a body of a roughout and make this his body so both head and body would be thinner, matching so to speak. As I looked at the head and the regular body my mind began to think about how cool this could be.

Before I go any farther let me explain one thing. This is not a full body rough-out it is just the upper body portion as I have done in previous carvings. I will refer to it from here on out as the bust.   

So I took the head and the skinny body bust and cut out a hole to inset the neck to get a feel for the look. I then did the same with a piece of wood that would have been too small to have a base but would work for a carving that would just be for fun. I know all carving is for fun but some may be for sale some may be for a show or competition and some may never see the light of day beyond what shines in the room. Remember this head was carved from a rough-out that seemed too wide so I removed an inch off and this is what remained.

Bottom line as you see by the images, I did use the full size bust and I think it is really works.

 As you might notice from the previous pictures of the head I carved in detail in the beard after deciding that the smooth look didn't match the bust. Now there was one last issue, I carved deep sockets in the eye area not thinking that I would do much with this and now with the bust and the detail of the beard these sockets will not do.

to be continued
Carpe diem carving

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