Friday, November 28, 2014

carving updates

In the last few days I have been busy, I carved the two unpainted Santas and I have begun the painting process of my shelf tree elf, of course everyone has already read about him on my previous post.

I still need to decorate the tree and may paint a design on the maroon portion of his cap to make it more decorative and to give the look of a tree shirt. Overall I like the way he is looking and am happy with how the paint highlights his beard. I had read that this wood was hard to paint as the grain would let the colors bleed so I put a protective coat on before I began the painting process. No issues with the paint thus far.

I have also sketched in how I will consider painting the eyes on the ornaments to complete the expression of each. None of this is final since it was done in pencil so changes may occur once I actually begin to paint. I only have one ornament that I am unsure if the placement of the pupil is how I will paint him in the end.

as always happy trails  
Carpe diem 4 carving  

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