Saturday, November 22, 2014

tree elf carving pt II number two

Yes I have completed another tree elf carving and I have to say I am really happy with this one and his expression. I am honing my skills at working out the expression in the beginning stages of the carving process. This works well and if you don't like the way it is coming out as long as you have been tempered in how deep you carve you can always adjust and modify your carving.

This is something everyone who learns from videos needs to work at. So many carvers carve exactly as the teacher taught so in the long run it is never really their carving. Lately I am changing the way I carve different areas of the face as well. I do this so I am no longer relying on my memory of doing each step taught from this or that instructor. I want to learn the technique but not process and/or design. I want the carvings to be mine even if they start from a preset pattern from an instructor. I have begun to play around with those as well so that they have slowly become my pattern.

In the end it was a good evening of carving. When I have the carving already roughed out I can usually get an ornament done in one sitting. This keeps me from having any late night snacks as well so hey one could say that carving is a healthy choice for me.

Some have inquired since it is not even Thanksgiving about the background of my photos and yes it is true. Our tree is up! Tradition in our house is the week before Thanksgiving we put the tree up and add white lights. Then the weekend after Thanksgiving we put colored lights and ornaments. I like to get the tree up without anything being said to my boys about what day I will do this. this way they come home from school and there it is. I didn't get to this year but usually I have a remote control with me and as they walk in the house I hit the clicker and the tree lights up. Just part of the fun of the holidays. And of course since I have an abundance of ornaments (cause I keep ones that I really like) I always have an ornament ready to be placed on the tree.
as always happy trails
Carpe diem 4 carving
& family holiday traditions

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