Monday, March 9, 2015

All this may look a bit odd from the normal carvings I have posted in the past and then again those that know may not be surprised at all.

So here I have a carving of a soldier's head, a rough carving of a bust glued to a piece of scrap. As you can see the underside of the block piece of scrap has been hollowed out a bit. Also there is a wood dowel glued into the neck of the soldier, a spring from an old camera that was being scrapped, a small rubber O-ring and a small wheel from the hobby house. The spring is placed on the wood dowel followed by the O-ring and this whole assembly is placed into the opening of the body portion that was glued to the block scrap. Underneath where the block was hollowed out I attached the wheel to the wood dowel, it stays on firmly so for now I won't glue these two pieces together but may down the road. I forgot to mention that I had some old military buttons so I glued an army button on one corner of the block.

The purpose of the whole assembly is so that the head can move freely by simply turning the wheel under the block. Now I have a carving that I can change the heads position from time to time. With a little practice you can actually hold it in your hand and simply place a finger on the wheel and gently turn the head. I don't know if I plan on doing a lot of these but I did enjoy putting this together. Some may say this takes away from the carving but after all it is a caricature carving so it is not in the same category as Michael Angelo's "David"

as always happy trails
Carpe diem 4 the fun of carving

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